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As a caregiver to a special needs pet, you are probably reluctant to leave your pet for any length of time, and are at times uncertain as how to best care for your animal. At Diana's Personal Touch, we have the resources you need to best take care of both your pet and yourself, inculding daycare, boarding, and grooming services alongside helpful information for your special needs pet.


Special needs pets are considered as pets that are or have:

    • Elderly or requires hospice care

    • Physical disabilities (Epilepsy three-legged, blind, & hearing impaired)

    • Serious injury recovery

    • Possesses emotional and/or behavioral problems

    • Shy and aggressive pets

Special challenges, special rewards

Taking care of an animal with special needs can be a challenge. Here at Diana's Personal Touch, it's a challenge we're up for because we recognize the degree of love and commitment required. We take our hats off to you!

At-home care

If you find sick or injured wildlife around your home, contact your local wildlife rehabilitator to best address the injured animal's needs.

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Loving, caring staff

Post-surgical care

Access to information

Does your pet have special needs? Contact Diana's Personal touch today to get the information and services you need to best handle all of the specific and individual needs of your beloved and special pet.

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