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Taking Care of Your Furry Family Members"

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Diana’s Personal Touch has a top notch cattery for your cute kitty.


Cats prefer a calm and quiet atmosphere.  Diana’s Personal Touch has just that.  Our enclosures are raised four feet off the floor so are felines are up high where they like to be.  They have their own separate room that is away from all the daily hustle and bustle.  Each enclosure has a fresh litter box that we clean often, along with fresh water and the food of their liking.  We also supply their own high tower condo in each enclosure for their sleeping comfort.  They are monitored regularly and petted as often as they like.


Cats are boarded separately unless specified. They like their own space. We agree cats need as much attention as everyone else and we make that happen here at Diana’s Personal Touch. Whether your feline loves to play or is shy, we will make them as happy as we can while in Diana’s Personal Touch's care. We work hard to make your cats stay as comfortable as possible. We are committed to providing the best care.


Our experienced, heartfelt staff will ensure their wellbeing and happiness while you are away.

Your pet must have current vaccines for rabies, bordatella and distemper prior to boarding.



We offer grooming for your sweet friend also.  Our certified groomers will meet with you and discuss your pet’s specific needs and will recommend the right services.  


Cats have a finicky palate. We suggest that you bring their own food with their name marked on it and how you would like them fed while you are away.


Cats must be up to date on rabies and distemper shots.  A copy is required to keep on file. Cats must be free of fleas.  A flea bath will be administered if fleas are found and will be charged to your bill.  This is for the safety of all our vacationing pets.

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